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Course Guide

At Choice Academy, we believe in empowering our students with choices that suit their individual learning needs and career aspirations. Our comprehensive course catalog reflects this philosophy, presenting a diverse array of courses designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in their post-secondary endeavors.

The course catalog is designed to cater to the varied interests of our students. From the core academic subjects such as Mathematics, English, Social Studies, and Science, to elective courses in the Arts, World Languages, and Technology, students have a wealth of options. Advanced Placement (AP) courses and Honors classes offer an additional layer of rigor for those seeking a challenge or looking to earn college credits during their high school journey.

Choice Academy's emphasis on real-world skills is evident in the extensive offerings of Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses. These courses provide hands-on learning experiences and practical skills in fields such as Business and Marketing, Health Sciences, Engineering, and Agricultural Education. Furthermore, through the Running Start program, eligible juniors and seniors have the opportunity to earn high school and college credits simultaneously by taking courses at local community and technical colleges.

The Choice Academy's course catalog is more than a list of classes; it's a roadmap for students' academic journey, offering myriad paths to explore, discover, and achieve their educational goals. With guidance from dedicated faculty and staff, Kingston High School students are well-equipped to make informed choices about their coursework, laying a solid foundation for their future success.

Enrollment & Credit Guidelines

For the successful completion of a semester class with a score of 60% or above, a 0.5 credit is awarded. The guidelines concerning attendance and provisions for make-up are to be communicated by the respective teachers. It is mandatory for students to maintain regular attendance for all classes.

Grades and credits are recorded on the Washington State transcript based on a defined system. The grades range from 'A' for Excellent performance to 'F' which denotes failure and non-issuance of credit. Other grades include 'S' for Credit, 'P' for Pass, 'N' and 'U' for No Pass, all of which are not included in the GPA calculation. 'NC' denotes No Credit and represents a special circumstance that will later be converted into a regular grade. 'W' signifies Withdrawal from the course.

A 94% - 100% 4.0
A- 93.99% - 90% 3.7
B+ 89.99% - 87% 3.3
B 86.99% - 84% 3.0
B- 83.99% - 80% 2.7
C+ 79.99% - 77% 2.3
C 76.99% - 74% 2.0
C- 73.99% - 70% 1.7
D+ 69.99% - 67% 1.3
D 66.99% - 60% 1.0
F 59.99% - 0% 0.0


It is critical to note that students who continue in a course beyond the add/drop date will have a letter grade recorded on their final transcript. All semester grades are final, and once transcribed onto the record, they can't be altered or removed.

High School Diploma Requirements

  • Earn specific high school credits requirements 
  • Complete specific non-credit requirements
  • Fulfill Pathway requirements 

Requirement details can be found below.

Required Credits & Tests 

The State of Washington Graduation Toolkit outlines graduation requirements. The Washington State Board of Education offers an interactive graduation requirement table online..

Related Policies and Procedures

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Course Guide