Suicide Awareness Information for Families

Each year, counselors meet with all students in grades 5 -12 to discuss the topic of Suicide Awareness and Prevention. Given the complexities of the 2020-2021 school year, our counselors are unable to provide this valuable lesson in person. However, we feel that this is a vital topic to discuss with students. This is not a subject that is appropriate for a student to watch alone or over zoom, where there is no adult to help answer questions and discuss how a student is feeling after the lesson.

This year, we are asking to partner with our families in the suicide awareness and prevention discussion. Below are links to the instructions and resources that parents, guardians and caregivers can use to explore this topic with their child. A narrated presentation is being provided for you to view with your child which will help guide the discussion. 

If you need any assistance or guidance along the way, please reach out to your school counselor, they are ready and available to help families discuss this important topic.

Tools and instructions

Parents, you will want to set aside at least 20-30 minutes to review the materials before having the discussion with your child. Once you are ready, create a time and space that is free from distractions to review the information, watch the presentation and have a discussion with your child. You will want to set aside at least 30 minutes for this discussion. 

Step 1

Download and review the instructions in the PDF. This will help you become familiar with the information you will be watching and discussing with your child.

Suicide Awareness and Prevention Parent Guide pdf

Download the list of community and state resources. Keep these resources handy and provide a copy to your child and anyone else you think would appreciate having them.

Community and State Resources for Getting Help pdf

Step 2

Watch the video introduction for parents, guardians and caregivers. This video is intended for the adults only and is not intended for your child.

Fifth Grade Student - Parent Introductory Video

Grade 6-12 Student - Parent Introductory Video

Step 3

It is highly recommended that you watch the Suicide Awareness narrated presentation before you view it with your child. This may help you have an opportunity to process and understand the information so that you are prepared to discuss it with your child.

Suicide Awareness and Prevention Narrated Presentation

Step 4

Talk with your child, view the presentation and discuss what you have seen and learned.  Use the Parent Guide to help with your discussion. Again, if you have any questions, concerns or need help, please reach out to your school counselor.  Thank you for being a partner in this very important and sensitive topic.

Elementary School Counselors

David Wolfle Elementary
Sancheen Collins

Hilder Pearson Elementary
Tahnee Bollert

Poulsbo Elementary
Andrea Cuellar

Richard Gordon Elementary
Jennifer Seemueller

Suquamish Elementary
Cynthia Galloway

Vinland Elementary
Carolyn Mosiman

Pat Jensen


Secondary school counselors

Poulsbo Middle School
Marlene Keltner

Doug Segur

Kingston Middle School
Stephanie Robinson

Pat Jensen

Kingston High School
Devon Rouch

Lisa Coffman

North Kitsap High School
Scott Martin

Karen Fick

Cessy Adame-Watson

PAL/Choice Academy
Pat Jensen