Choice Academy Enrollment

What does it take to be a successful Choice Academy Program Student?

  • The decision to attend needs to be student-driven. Students must desire to be part of our school, participate in school activities, and meet academic, behavioral, and social-emotional expectations.
  • Families must understand the program has expectations and accountability similar to a comprehensive school.
  • Students and families need to have the ability to advocate for their needs.
  • Students need to be able to work independently as well as with their online and on-campus instructors.
  • Students need to be able to or willing to operate in an online environment if in the PAL program.
  • Committed to attending the school schedule/plan they develop with the counselor.

How to Apply

Students may apply for Choice Academy by contacting the team below. Students will go through an interview process with a counselor and program administrator to determine if the program will meet their educational needs and can assist them in successfully reaching their goals and potential. 

Penny Therrien, Principal

[email protected]
(360) 396-3570

Pat Jensen, Counselor

[email protected]
(360) 396-3578

When you are accepted, What’s Next?

Once accepted into the program, students meet with their counselors to develop their schedules. At the meeting, student and parent application information, transcripts, and other information are used to create a schedule that meets the student's needs.

All students who choose to attend the Choice Academy Program will be considered full-time students. If at any time they choose to return to the comprehensive school setting, they will be considered a transfer student and will follow standard enrollment procedures.