Parent Assisted Learning (PAL)

The PAL Program is a parent partnered program that offers both part and full-time online based instruction for grades K-12 supported by NKSD teachers and Fuel Education Online courses. PAL students are assigned a Mentor Teacher. The partnership between teachers and parents as educational facilitators is critical to a successful student experience.


  • Enrollment can be achieved by submitting an application. Send an email to to request an application.
  • Send completed applications to You will be contacted by the Principal or counselor to schedule a phone or in person interview to discuss program and enrollment options. For example, a student may be enrolled at their home-based school part-time and in PAL online courses part-time.

program highlights

  • PAL is a K-12 public school in North Kitsap School District and is free to parents and students.
  • PAL contracts with Fuel Education to provide a robust and interactive online curriculum that is in line with Washington Common Core State Standards.
  • High school students meeting graduation requirements will receive a North Kitsap High School or Kingston High School diploma.
  • K-5 students are evaluated according to the district learning standards. All middle and high school coursework is graded.
  • All students are connected to a Mentor Teacher. Their role is to guide parents and students through organizational and operational aspects of the online platform and are available to provide support to parents and students through email, phone calls, face-to-face, or virtual meetings as needed.
  • PAL works best when a student is organized, self-motivated and has strong academic support at home.
  • Parent facilitation is required for all grade levels and courses. More intense facilitation is needed at the K-5 level.
  • Families need to provide adequate technology. Technology requirements are available upon request.


  • The State of Washington mandates two ways to satisfy attendance.
  • The State of Washington requires a weekly one-on-one meeting between the student and Mentor Teacher. Parents can facilitate the communication when appropriate. The weekly meeting can be accomplished through the use of a phone, email, virtual tools, and texting.
  • Students are required to complete the amount of work established by a Written Student Learning Plan and other planning documents.\
  • Students are considered absent by not adhering to the above expectations.

more information

  • PAL - Parent Assisted Learning (PAL) Program - Created 15 years ago by the North Kitsap School District, to provide curriculum support and guidance to parents who choose home-based instruction.
  • Mentor Teacher - A Washington State certified teacher who advises and supports the home-based instruction family. Weekly meetings with the advisor/mentor are required by law.
  • How many hours do I have to spend on schoolwork? The number of classes a student is enrolled in will determine the amount of time they need to spend completing assignments. The range of potential hours is 5 - 26.
  • What kind of classes does PAL offer? For the most part, PAL students enjoy the same selection of CORE classes as a regular school student. Please contact the counselor or principal for specific details on course offerings.
  • What is a shared student? A student enrolled in PAL and their home-based school is considered a shared student. Home-based schools are any NKSD elementary through high school.
  • Is there an opportunity to earn credit for my job? A high school student can enroll in Work Based Learning to earn credit.
  • Are there opportunities to earn credits outside of the school day? Yes. Choice Academy has a number of Contract Based Learning Opportunities both original credit and credit retrieval opportunities.
  • What resources and services are available? PAL provides a Mentor Teacher, online curriculum and materials, access to a computer lab, access to Learning Centers, a counselor, and instructional support.
  • Do you have graduation? PAL students graduate in the same ceremony as either Kingston High School or North Kitsap High School students.

Information and Registration: email or call 360-396-3570