Parent Assisted Learning (PAL) Program

The PAL Program is an alternative parent partnered program that offers both part and full-time remote-based courses and instruction for grades
K-12 supported by and in coordination with NKSD teachers. 
Program Highlights
    Curriculum is designed collaboratively between staff, parent and student according to Washington Common Core State Standards.
    Free to parents and students. Our funding is provided by the state.
    Opportunity for students meeting graduation requirements to receive a North Kitsap School District diploma recognized as a valid high school diploma by the state of Washington.
    K-5 students are evaluated according to the district learning standards. Students in grades 6-8 receive an “S” for satisfactory completion of coursework. All high school coursework is graded.
    An advisor/mentor's role is to guide parents and students through coursework and they are available to provide support to parents and students through email, phone calls or face-to-face meetings as needed.
    PAL works best when a student is organized, self-motivated and has strong academic support at home.
    Parent support is required for all courses.
What are the attendance requirements at PAL?
The State of Washington mandates two ways to satisfy attendance:
    The State of Washington requires either a weekly one-on-one meeting between advisor/mentor, parent and student; or, that students attend a weekly block class with a group of PAL students and meet with a PAL advisor monthly as scheduled.
    The parent is expected to supervise the student work and attend weekly advisor meetings with their student. The parent is also required to be available 25 hours per week to assist their student.
More Information
    PAL - Parent Assited Learning (PAL) Program - Created 15 years ago by the North Kitsap School District, to provide curriculum support and guidance to parents who choose home-based instruction.
    Advisor/Mentor - A Washington State certified teacher who advises and supports the home-based instruction family. Weekly meetings with the advisor/mentor are required by law with the exception of students who regularly attend block classes: monthly meetings are required for these students.
    Block Class - Block classes are held two or three times per month. A student may attend a Tuesday or Thursday block class from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. depending on their grade level.  Kindergarten students can attend the Tuesday Block Class from 12 to 2 p.m. If the student regularly attends block class, this counts towards the weekly contact time as required by law (RCW 28A.225.225). Block classes are limited to 20 students at grades 5-8 and 24 students grades K-4 . Full-time students are provided first choice for space available in block classes.

    Example of a Thursday Block Class Schedule (choices vary by grade level):
    10:00-10:45 a.m. - Science or Social Studies
    10:45-11:40 a.m. - Writers Workshop

    11:30-12:00 p.m. - Lunch (Bring a sack lunch or order from KMS)
    12:05 p.m.-1:00 p.m. - Art
     1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. - Music
 What if I miss an appointment? Students may miss no more than three block classes or advisor meetings per semester. Lack of attendance will result in being dropped from the program. How many hours do I have to spend on schoolwork?K : 10 hours/week1-3: 20 hours/week4-12: 25 hours/weekPart time: 6.5 hours/course/week         What kind of classes does PAL offer?For a list of courses, please contact the program. What is a shared student?A shared student is a 6th-12th grade student enrolled in at least half of his/her school courses at PAL. The remainder of the courses are taken at North Kitsap High School, Kingston High School, Kingston Middle School, or Poulsbo Middle School. How do I get credit for my job?A secondary student can enroll in Work Based Learning to earn credit. How can I get credit for things I do outside of school?Experiential learning can be incorporated into secondary course contracts for academic credit and is one of the main benefits of being a part of PAL.  How do I do complete my credits?Secondary students complete assignments in course contracts, record relevant experiences and activities, and document time spent in order to fulfill course requirements. What resources and services are available?PAL proves curriculum and materials, a computer lab, a small student library, block classes to enhance coursework, and a secndary academic counselor, as well as instructional support.  Do you have graduation?PAL students graduate in the same ceremony as either Kingston High School or North Kitsap High School students.  Information and Registration:Grades K-8 - (360) 396-3424
High School PAL - (360) 396-3424
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